Do you want to practice Polish Conjugation?

Conjugation is a change in form of a verb that will give you information about certain characteristics of the verb. It is very important to learn it when you are initiating in the new language because without good knowledge of how to conjugate verbs we cannot understand others or express our own ideas.

Polish Conjugation can be a real challenge, but you can expand your knowledge in many different ways. In this page we have regular e irregular Polish verbs with their conjugation in Present, past and future tense.

Learn how to conjugate Polish Verbs in different tenses.

 4 Important Polish Verbs

PolishEnglishPresent TensePast TensePast TenseFuture Tense
Mieć To havePresent tensePast tensePast tenseFuture tense

To bePresent tensePast tensePast tenseFuture tense
Robić To doPresent tensePast tensePast tenseFuture tense
IśćTo goPresent tensePast tensePast tenseFuture tense


PolishEnglishPresent TensePast TensePast TenseFuture Tense
MÓWIĆTo speakPresent tense
PRACOWAĆTo workPresent tense
MIESZKAĆTo livePresent tense
CZYTAĆ To readPresent tense
KochaćTo lovePresent tense
ŚpiewaćTo singPresent tense