Polish Grammar

Polish Grammar

Looking for tips to accelerate your Polish learning? In this post we offer you several topics that will help you to understand Polish grammar. Learning grammar is always a difficult task. It often becomes tedious to memorise long lists of rules and verbs. We recommend to choose a topic to begin and find some time to come back to it again after doing the exercices. Let’s go, simply select the topic that interest you the most.

Basic Grammar for level 1

  1. The alphabet: 
  2. Accents: 
  3. Special characters:
  4. Personal Pronouns:
  5. Cases:
  6. Possessive adjectives: 
  7. Question words:
  8. Adjectives:
  9. The negative form: 

Basic Conjugation for L1

  1.  The verb to be:
  2. The verb to have: 
  3. The verb to go: 
  4. The  verb to do: 
  5. ISZ Verbs: 
  6. ESZ verbs:
  7. ASZ verbs: 
  8. EM verbs: 
  9. 15 Most Common Polish Verbs: 

Grammar for Level 2

  1. Polish Reflexive verbs:
  2. Past tense:
  3. Prepositions:


Grammar Level 3

  1. Demonstrative pronouns:
  2. A daily routine:
  3. Futur tense:
  4. More Prepositions:

Grammar Level 4

  1. Object Pronouns:
  2. Frequent mistakes in Polish:
  3. Adverbs:

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