ROBIĆ – Present

Learn and practice Polish conjugation with the verb  “ROBIĆ – Present”:
The verb “To do” is conjugated this way in present tense:

Ja robię, Ty robisz, On robi, Ona robi, My robimy, Wy robicie, Oni robią , One robią.

Practice the verb ROBIĆ in present tense:

             To do – Present Tense




Ja robię

Ty robisz

On robi

Ona robi

My robimy

Wy robicie

Oni robią 

One robią

To do

I do

You do

He does

She does

We do

You do

They have (masc.)

They have (fem.)

To do  – Other Tenses

  1. ROBIĆ Past tense
  2. ROBIĆ Futur tense

 Other verbs in present tense

  1. Być (to be)
  2. Mieć (to have)
  3. Iść (to go)

Practice the verb ROBIĆ in present tense using Quizlet:

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